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Basic Information


A monoamine triple releaser first synthesised by David Nichols, possesses similar properties to MDMA. Probably neurotoxic in humans, however the extent of this is unclear.


Stimulants excite the nervous system and increase physiological function.

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Psychedelics are drugs which alter the perception, causing a number of mental effects which manifest in many forms including altered states of consciousness, visual or tactile effects.

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Research Chemical

Research chemicals are drugs with relatively little history of human use, and thus particular care should be taken if choosing to ingest them.

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These drugs pose a higher risk of causing habit forming behaviour, take particular care with the amount and frequency they are taken.

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    Effects lovingly provided by PsychonautWiki

    WarningNote: It seems /most/ of the market for this drug is infact largely falsified.
    EffectsEuphoria, increased energy/alertness, Decreased need for sleep, Increased sociability, mood lift, increase sexuality, Excessive talking, Decreased appetite, Weight loss, Sweating, Distrubed sleep patterns, Bruxia, Visual and audiotory hallucinations itchiness, agressiveness, moodiness.
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    Low risk & Increased Effects

    Low risk & Decreased Effects

    Low risk & No Synergy